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Bibb – This lettuce has a sweet flavor and tender leaves. Rosette shaped and also known as butter crunch. Perfect on a nice hardy sandwich.  **Available in bulk (24) per case or in crispers (12) per case**


Spring Mix – Our own blend of mixed greens. Contains red and green romaine, red and green oak leaf, along with red and green leaf lettuce. This mix offers a balance of color, texture and flavor. Perfect for salads .  **Available by the pound**

    **Other varieties and blends available upon request**


Romaine – Dark green tall lettuce, that has a good flavor with a crispy texture. Excellent for Caesar salad or wraps.  **Available by bulk case (24) or individual packs**


Arugula – Tender young leaves with a delicious zest. Knows as the aromatic salad green. This leafy green has great health benefits such as decreasing risk of diabetes, heart disease while promoting healthy complexion, increased energy and overall lower weight.  **Available by the pound**